Some cameras suck. Some are wonderful
The Wonderful Camera is a real camera to be. It can use either colour or black and white film. Not all cameras can do that, ya know.
By the way. If you look to the upper left, you'll see a pair of my boxer shorts drying in the sun.
I doubt that everyone can use it. I'll bet that Stevie Wonder would find it challenging. It's really not simple to operate. It has two film counter windows. That feature confuses a lot of people.
I wonder what No.T-105 was.
The prayer know as "Hail Mary" caused major problems among Christians. Many thought that it was blasphemy to pray to a mortal.
Anyway, the prayer is still a staple among Catholics.

It's also used to describe a desperation pass in American football. People sure is funny, ain't thay ?
Somewhere in the middle of the roll, the film laid sort of flat for a frame. I held a yellow filter of the "lens" for this photo.
Mister and Misses Ferrando are buried here. Their color photographs, mounted inside plastic bubbles, are fading in the summer sun.