Three views of Quabbin
The photos at left were taken from the same location on Great Quabbin Mountain about sixty years apart. The photos are all looking north. The top photo was taken in 1927, the middle in 1939 and the bottom (photographer Les Campbell) in 1989.

In the uppermost photo you can see buildings and roadways. The center photograph shows the area after all of the buildings were razed and the trees below the new water line were cut down. The lower picture shows the area as it looks today.
The photos show a very small part of what is Massachusetts biggest empowndment but they give you a feel of what changes the Quabbin brought to the Swift River Valley.
The lookout on Great Quabbin where these pictures were taken is a beautiful scenic area, be sure to go there if you visit The Big Lady.
Old lives and memories lie silent beneath the blue water.