Russ Mountain in fog.
This is a view of Russ mountain (looking South.) That's Prescott  peninsula on the right. This photo was taken in early June 1998. The weather was  wonderful for Smallmouth fishing and the fish were very active on this  particular day. The Big Lady was deserted and I had the place to myself. Later  in the day it rained harder than I have ever seen and I was happy as could be. I  was only slightly concerned about the rumbling of thunder in the distance.
Here's a shot of Russ Mountain taken from a  1000 ft. peak in the dead of winter.
Another shot of Russ in the fog.
If you travel South from Gate 31 Russ Mountain marks the opening  to the widest area of the Quabbin. There has been a nesting pair of Bald Eagles  on the eastern side of Russ for the past few years. If you go there please give  the birds a wide berth.
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