Looking south


The Quabbin is dotted with many beautiful islands. In fact there are about 60 of them and they total around 3500 acres. Some are desolate and rocky others like the ones above are covered with trees. Red and white pine, oak, maple and varieties of birch are common throughout the reservior and on the islands. Now and then I'll see a squirrel on one of the islands and I think about how lucky he is to be able to live on such a wonderful spot. Sometimes you can see stonewalls curving across the contours of an island and into the water. Often these walls will emerge from the water and reappear on another nearby island. These walls built by some long gone inhabitant are testimonies to the hard labor of the builder.

The islands were of course once hills and mountains within the flooded towns and they give you a feeling of how beautiful Greenwich, Prescott, Enfield and Dana must have been. They sit silently on the clear blue water like monuments to the lost towns.