Dana Massachusetts
Parts of Petersham, Hardwick and Greenwich gave up land to create Dana which was incorporated in 1801. Its centers of population were Dana Common, North Dana Doubleday village and Storrsville. Its highest population was 876 in 1860.
Dana common is the best preserved area within the four lost towns. To reach the center of Dana enter Quabbin through Gate 40 off of Rte. 32A in Petersham. By the way, just before you go past the gate note that Asa Snow's home was just off to the right. You can read about this strange man right here.  The road to Dana common is still paved and relatively flat. There are many cellar holes along the way including the cellar hole of the Dana poor house (about 3/4 mile in on the right.) The crown jewel of the hike is Dana common. Here's a MAP of Dana common which you can print if you like if you decide to hike the area.
You can't miss this sad and beautiful area as it's obviously an old town square with many striking remains including cellar holes and sidewalks. The big field to the right was Dana's cemetery there were over 700 graves here at one time. The granite posts mark the cemetery boundary The big cellar hole in front of the field is that of the two and a half story schoolhouse and the Town Hall is just to the right.
Other interesting places include the cellar hole of the fifteen room Eagle Hotel which was opened around 1820. Nearly right across from the Eagle ( to the south ) you'll find the cellar hole of Grace Dunn's home. This cellar hole still holds a big strongbox which was likely left behind because it was too expensive to ship. The Dana Common store is a couple of holes away. One of the prettiest sites here is the beautiful stone foundation of Edgar Vaughn's home. The foundation was constructed of small stones gathered from streams in the area.
The small foundation of Moses Marcille is all that remains of the village blacksmiths home. In 1907  Mr. Marcille shot his wife twice on this spot, then turned the gun on himself. Mrs. Marcille survived the attack and lived here for another twenty years. Moses, however was successful in killing himself.
Another view of Town Hall. The school is on the left.
Dana Town Hall. The last town meeting was held here on March 7, 1938.
Site of Dana cemetary. The schoolhouse at Town Hall are to the right.
The Eagle Hotel is on the right.
The Vaughn home. Note the stone wall.
The site of the Vaughn home today
Vaughn foundation
Ariel view of the east end of Prescott Peninsula near Doubleday Village. Skinner Hill Road and part of the town can be seen beneath the water.
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