The clubhouse

Without question the best preserved building within the Quabbin was left standing on it's original site. This building was the clubhouse for the Dugmar golf course in Greenwich. This beautiful roofless stone structure is visible on the southeast shore of Curtis Hill Island. You can't go ashore here ( islands are off limits) but you can get a great view by boat or from shore near the intake building near gates 43a and 44 (bring binoculars.)

This building and the 9 hole golf course were built by businessmen from Springfield in the late 1920's and it was reachable by train. During prohibition it is rumored that booze was available at the club !

Like all buildings within the reservoir the clubhouse and golf course were slated for purchase and after much wrangling with the state the owners sold for $179, 042 in 1937...not bad considering they had paid $10,000 for the property in 1924.

When the buildings in the valley were going the way of the bulldozer (or being moved to other sites) the clubhouse, minus it's roof, was left standing since it was to be above water and on an island. I often fish for Smallmouth near the clubhouse and more than once I swear I've heard glasses clinking on the island and the sound of a golf club cutting through the air.



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Note: Much of the above information (and the B&W photo) was taken from J.R. Greene's book Historic Quabbin Hikes.