c - 1952. Telescoping lens with two iris settings (sun and clouds) and two shutter speeds "moment" and "bulb." Takes 120 roll film for 6x6 images. Bakelite body  Equipped with the world famous Duplar f8 lens.

Karl Pouva founded the company in Germany in 1952 and ended it in 1973. All the guy ever made were "Starts." Four of them to be exact. I guess he decided to finish where he started.

Nobody's Home

Something odd is going on upstairs here. I plan to bring a bunch of women upstairs as soon as I can.

Big Skies.....

Fido is Gone

 Portraits Featuring Stupid Sunglasses



Kodak Tri-x in HC110(b) for 5 1/2 minutes - Light yellow filter used on sky shots.