Two rolls of Kodak film, some filters and a camera strap came with a useless Rolleicord I bought for about $10. This roll was shot with a 6x9 camera. A few were cropped due to film damage. They are presented in the same order as the roll of film.


This well dressed gent is obviously an avid photographer. He's got a focusing camera of some sort. He's sticking his tongue out at the person  that took this photograph. Hey, it was summer and you can't take anything seriously in the summer.

I'll bet that the guy with the camera in this shot is the guy that took the previous photograph. He's got his glasses pushed up so he can compose the shot in his camera. That means he's near sighted. That's the rest of his family behind him.

Someone important lived here. It was late in the afternoon,  it looks like November in New England to me.

The photographer knows his subject here and the woman makes this a great photograph. The feather sticker on the bottom left window pane is an indication that these people contribute to charity.
















Is this the woman in the window ?

First Communion. Still an important ritual in The Catholic Church but times have changed.

Photographs freeze fleeting moments in time. Nowhere is this more evident than with photos of people. You set up your subjects and trip the shutter. A second later your composition falls apart like a house of cards and people head on to the future.