MMade around 1953 in Nordenham Germany by Vredeborch GMBH. I think Vredeborch made some really pretty box cameras in its time. This one is absolutely mint. I believe the Agfa Pan 100 I put through it was its maiden roll as it came in a sealed box from a freund in Germany !

The camera produces 6x9 images on 120 film. The shutter speed is in the 1/30 sec. range. The iris looks to be around f11.

December days in New England are short and filled with shadows. The sun is low at noon and it's dark by 4:30.

The south facing sides of our white churches blaze in the weak sunlight. The north sides are cold and sunless. On this day, the shadows quivered in the wind.

There's more shadow than light as we live through the shortest days of the year.

Christmas is near and with it comes images and light that fight the darkness.

Agfa Pan 100 in HC110-B for 7 minutes. Black and white Photos 1 and 5 were taken through a yellow filter held over the Alka's taking lens.